Monday, March 29, 2010


muehehe.. entry ni cpecel
utk MashiToma Senpai.
uhux.. x bnyk sgt pix TOMA-kun
y tunjukkan ekspresi mrh.
ni je y ade. y len tu sme dr 
dorama. (^_^).
hehe.. evn mrh skalipun
tp ttp maintain cute kn?? 
(♥.♥) TOMA-kun daisuki!!  
ehe.. lupa lak.. here's da pix. douzo~


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ye~y!! TOMA-kun & Morita Go 
will be featured in 
Shounen Club Premium on
April 16 (Fri) BS-2: 6:50 to 18:00
& da show will be repeated on 
April 20 (Tue) BS-hi: 5:50 to 17:00 

wuwu...... nk tgk SHOKURA!! kn besh lw
de kt Japan tym tu. T.T uwa.. TFS, 
plz get da vid of this programme &
sub it a.s.a.p . onegaishimas~ -.-


Saturday, March 27, 2010


*click @ da pic 4 larger image*


kyaaaaaa!!!!~ *faint* o_O huhu.. 
I think I've lost tons of blood cz of my serious nosebleed. 
sumbody plz save me~ aiyark!! *die*

Thursday, March 25, 2010


KAKKOI NE.. (^o,^)

Muehehe.. Finally, secara rasminya smlm [24.03.10] iklan
NISSIN YAKISOBA UFOdisiarkan all over JAPAN.
TOMA-kun, omedetto~ (^o,^) waa.. rse sgt epy.
CM ni mmg unic & creative r. Tema utk cm ni ialah
'Ganbare Seishun' (do ur best!! youth). kiranya nk m'galakkan
generasi muda ni spy berusaha bsungguh-sungguh la utk m'capai
pkara ya diowg inginkan. yeah~ mmg spatutnya cm tu pn.
ingt g kte2 YDP silat ku,
"Ust. Hanafi pnh ckp, dlm diari org muslim xda pkataan putus asa".
so dat kte kne r twus b'usaha utk capai pkara y kte inginkan. ahaha..
sbg contoh, antara impian ku ialah, nk grad dgn result y bgus,
dpt keje n gaji y bagus, then dh ade bnyk duit ku nk g JAPAN
(if dpt jmpa TOMA-kun mmg sgt2 besh r (^o,^) kyaa!!~) ,
g travel kt Italy esp. Rome (ni dpt tgk AS ROMA lwn kt
Stadio de Olimpico pn sodap nih ;p) n then da ckup modal
ku nk bukak cafe sndri. hehe.. so, in order to achieve ma dreams,
I'll do ma best n work harder. yosh!!GANBARE SEISHUN!! huhu..
k la ye, x leh type pnjg2 t g bnyk ku ngarut.
well, here i hv some links to download diz cm.
minna-chan, douzou~


1.NISSIN YAKISOBA UFO CM -30sec version
2.NISSIN YAKISOBA UFO CM -15sec version (rally)
3.NISSIN YAKISOBA UFO CM -15 sec version (voley ball)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yup!! it's Ikuta Ryuusei. (^o,^). 
Huhu tp pix ni agk lama la..
skang Ryuusei da bsr n da b'umo 22 thn.
everybody said dat they're very look alike.
wa.. cm gmpak je kn?? actually pnh tbaca LJ
Careline-chan y dia mebi da tsrmpak dgn Ryuusei 
kt dlm train. here's a lil' bit of Careline-chan article~

"Just one thing I want to tell is that on the last day int he train from Hatagaya to Shinjuku, 
there was a good looking young man in the train wearing a mask 
(you know these ones when they are ill)
And he utterly looked like Toma!
But his hair was black and much shorter. I think he also was around 21-22?

I secretly kept looking at him (not so obvious of course) 
And his hands and eyes really reminded me on Toma, 
even the way he stood there Oo And especially the NOSE! XDD 
He also was about Tomas height, maybe a bit shorter...

So I said to Anne 'He looks like Toma' And she said 
'How is his brothers name again?' and I was like 'Ryuusei'

Also he had that really panic gaze in his eyes which was strange, 
he had also looked at us this way when we entered the train.

Maybe if he hadn't worn that mask I could have told if it was Ryuusei or not".

Waa...... lw btul2 Ryuusei mst gmpak kn?? ehe.. k r, mls nk cter bnyk.
kang th pe la y ku mrepek jp g. jom tgk pic Ryuusei!! (^o,^). minna-san douzo~

huhu.. ni pic Ryuusei ms high school. hmm.. skang ni mst da mcm muka abg dia kn.
another pic of Ikuta Ryuusei. walaupun beza umo Ryuusei &
his bro 4 taon, tp lw tgk kt pic ni muka diowg cm
lbey kuang je kn?? ehe.. (^o,^)

  • Mashi-chan, sowi cz lmbt post diz entry ya~ hountoni gomen -.-' huhu..
  • Mashi-chan thnx 4 uploading da vid of  TOMA-kun no mama. really appreciate ur hardwork soooo.... much!!  (^o,^)


Sunday, March 21, 2010


On one of Potato magazine interview, Pi said that during high school.. Toma used to nosebleed a lot.
aww.. jz lyk Nakatsu ne.. wut a coincidence. XDD

Koichi, Atsuhiro, and Koyama-sensei (AZUMI writer) went together to watch AZUMI on stage.

Yamapi : 8 April 2005 –> “Today is my last day before I reach hatachi, and I spent it by watching Toma’s performing, I can’t believe I cried”

Yamapi : me and Toma have known each others for 8-9 years, and Atsu-ani corrected it to 9 years… (edited : now yamapi said “we know each other)

Toma ever said on his jweb, that he has a girl that he likes so much, that every time he sees the girl and talk with her, he couldn’t look into her eyes.. (probably is Matsu Takako-san  she was like Toma’s ideal type of girl)

He once said he hated a TV show in Japan which program was show off girls who opened up their skirt and show people their panties… his comment was : ZAKENNA! (in an angry tone) I dun like this show, it’s the same like sexual harassment.

Yamapi said every times he eats Nabe, it reminds him of Toma’s face. Becuz Toma’s the first person who taught him to eat Nabe.

Yamapi went twice to Toma’s hometown, Hokkaido. Toma even introduced him to his grandparents.

He’s a huge fan of Backstreet Boys, in fact BSB is one of his main reasons to join the jimusho and pursue his career in the entertainment world. He once begged the Music Stations staff to let him in to the studio and watched BSB doing a rehearsal. He said he was very excited to see them live

Toma went to Backstreet Boys concert twice, he said it was like the first time he experienced himself being a fan and watch his idols concert twice. Now, he knows his fans feelings every time they see him on stage.

He even met his fans on BSB concert and they said “we were trying to get the AZUMI tickets” and Toma said “I hope you’ll get it” some fans spotted Toma went to that concert with his younger brother Ryuusei.

He even wanted to talk to one of Endless SHOCK foreign dancer, becuz he found that the dancer was very good on doing Backstreet Boys dance, but he went shy becuz he thinks his English isn’t very good.

He felt bad for didn’t come to Takizawa’s concert because his tight schedule of AZUMI rehearsal

He ever ride a taxi, and the driver recognized him and said “Your face looks familiar, do you appear on TV?” and Toma said “Yes I am”. And the taxi driver also said “I’ve ever given a ride to someone who’s an artist too… first I dunno him, becuz when I asked him the same question,.. he answered that he isn’t an artist.. but after I told my daughter about it… he said the person was Domoto Koichi san”

28 November 2005 —> Toma wrote his jweb entry and said that “I’m wondering, if there’s someone who reads my entries wearing a sleeveless shirt in a place that is still warm., if you’re the person… please message me okay!”. lol!! funny TOMA. (^_^) 

There was a typhoon, during his one day parade around Shinagawa Police Station (also to promote Dekabeya and celebrating one of the Police event there). Toma wearing a police uniform, sitting on a car waving to everyone… tho there’s typhoon.. it didn’t stopped Toma fans to came and supported him there..  in fact there were quite a lot of toma fans.. according to the screaming I heard from the video file LOL

Toma went to Arashi concert, around 24-29 August 2005 (forgot the exact date). There was a fancam of it I found in leader. Toma went with his kouhai maybe some JJ express boys and Taiyou.. (I’m not sure). He was sitting on the 2nd story of Yokohama Arena, on the right side of the stage. During concert, Aiba called him and asked him to go to the stage, he took Toma running around the stage with him, and then there was a talk. After Toma back to his seat, Aiba said like this “Toma, when was the last time we did stage play togetherz????? (Stand by me)” and Toma screamed from his seat (without a mic, no kidding) “It was 8 YEARS AGO!!!!!) heard that all of arashi fans there were very supportive… they silent for a while to let Toma screamed out his answers to Aiba chan ^^

On one of Kame’s interview, Toma went to KAT-TUN’s room and caught in picture while he was playing around with Bakanishi and Maru. During the interview one of the questions directed to Kame was : If only he has more spare time, what will he do?? And kame said that he wanted to go to Southern Islands. Toma cut his words and said “That’s such a typical idol’s answer” and then kame said “Well then, I want to turn back time, and go watch AZUMI. And then Toma said “Good answer!” hahahaha.

Kame also said “ If only I have more spare time, I would go out with people I know. But I seldom went out with Johnnys boys.. so I didn’t really think abt it too much, but why I always think about Toma???. If only I could go and fix the times which I have a lot of spare time but I didn’t went out with toma…I wanna fix those times”

Toma ever got a prank call! The stupid thing was… Toma kept talking about 10 minutes with the person who did the prank call, without knowing who he was. First he thought it was Subaru, but guess who is it???!!! It was Taki! Takki said he got bored, and decided to have some fun (hahaha so this is the way you have fun huh??)

A week before the prank call, Tsubasa went out with Toma to the beach. They took the train and went body surfing. Few days after that, Tsubasa revealed on his jweb, that his friend cried on the beach. That friend was Toma. (Ehh??..... TOMA-kun, doushte?? aww.. poor kawaii TOMA. wish I cud hug him when he's cryin. ehe... *blush*)


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Actor Ikuta Toma's (25, J.E.)
appearance in the new CM "Nissin Yakisoba UFO"
(Nissin Foods) will go on air from 24th this month.
It's his first appearance in the company's CMs.
With "Ganbare! Seishun!"do your best! youth!) as the theme,
they were filming him when he hands over a kettle
instead of a baton at a relay race and attacks a kettle
instead of a ball at volleyball.
Repeating the dash of the relay version about 30 times was hard,
but Ikuta said "I think it turned out to be cool!"
and as was full of confidence" -translated by careline-chan.

Aww.....TOMA-kun looks so kakkoi in dat cm. (♥.♥)
+ his figure looks like an athlete ne..?
Anyway, here's da screencaps. douzou~ 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


huhu.... td ku mrayap jp kt LJ soshite, ku tjumpa
written by KEEPTRYINQ-chan. she's currently in Japan
but da most important thing is she got da chance to watch
NINGEN SHIKKAKU + meet IKUTA TOMA-kun at da cinema.
uwa....... I'm so jealous!!!!! ni r ayat y aku rasa plg x leh blah~

"...finally TOMA stood there.... HE WAS SO FUCKING SHINY AND GLITTERY
AND FABULOUS! They came to the center of the non-stage. TOMA stood
3 meters infront of my seat~~~~ I can't really believe everything but yeah!
He was soooo close. His clothes were really gorgeous! He wore normal jeans,
a white shirt with black stripes and a jacket with glitter on the collar!
His eyes were shining like hell x________x I could have died~~~..."

huhu....... 3 meters je kot.. sgt dkt tu..... ermm...... nyesal x blajo pndai2
dlu. lw x leh aku smbg blajo kt Jepun. Lw de bnyk duit, da tntu
area NS dkat2 nk release hr tu aku dh ade kt Jepun. tym tu lak kbtulan
cti CNY. soshite, leh r ku g NS PREMIERE n jmpe TOMA-kun cm
CARELINE-chan. aiyark....... da start da imaginasi aku y tah pape ni.
haih........ tp pe leh wt, tu je y tmampu stakat ni. ehe.... lw nk g Japan da
tentu2 r x mampu. lw duit pn takat pnjm PTPTN x yah r nk brangan lbey2 ye.
hoho..... sdey btul. tp papepun i'm so happy 4 her walaupun ku sgt jelez dgn dia.
ni y g rase nk blaja Japanese language ni. Da keje nnt ku nk kumpul duit bnyk2
& then leh r g Jepun. t leh r cri pluang jmpe TOMA-kun n tgk konsert ARASHI.
muehehe....... *dush3!! kt diri sendiri*

angelic mizza: sudah2 r brangan tu.. asgmnt x ciap + blajo pn x lpas g weyh..
mizza: ala...... rilex r..... skali skale je..
angelic mizza: bnyk r ko pny skali skale. dh, g tdo. esk da r de claz.
mizza: ku tw r nk tdo. setiap impian tu bmula dr angan2. then,
da tentu kte akn brusaha utk cpai impian tu. so dgn usaha y keras +
smangat y kuatInsyaAllah impian + cita2 akn tcapai.
datz y ku brangan ckit2 ni.
angelic mizza: ade je nk menjawab ye. degil betul.
mizza:haha.. mmg pn
angelic mizza: .....

hoho.. sesi monolog dlmn dgn diri sendiri. jgn ingt NAKATSU je de inner monologue. he2.. ;p

p/s: I'll try ma very besh to achieve ma dreamz. Ahaha..... ok minna-chan,
ckup2 r ku da mrepek nih. k r.. ja ne~ (finally ku ikot gk r pe y angelic side ku kate.
cmt tdo ye.. oyasuminasai~


ROFL!! I jz can't stop laughing whenever I watch diz vid.
Haha.. Chibi TOMA+gold cheongsam=so d*mn bakawaii!! XD
Lol!! I'm speechless. Anyway, minna-chan douzo~

p/s: nice legs ne..?? XDDDDDDDD

Sunday, March 14, 2010


p/s: lately ni aku agk addicted dgn xtvt photoshopping + photoscaping.
he2.. ni r ma 1st artwork hasil dpd kombinasi 2 software ni. uhu..
msih bnyk g y plu dbaiki. xpe2.. practice makes perfect. (^o,^)

Minna-san konichiwa~
waa.... agk lme ye x post new entry..
since tlibat dgn KAPREZA life aku jd sgt bz.
post mortem hr2 maunye nk ke 3-4 pg.
tp sib baek la da abez. haha.. leh r concerntrate
utk ciapkan asgmnt lak ye..
huhu.. ckp psl asgmnt ni, ku rase agk gerun oo....
hountoni kowai.. da r blambak. haih..
dgn presentation g. hmm.... xpe..... sabo bbnyk......
sy boleh lakukan!! (^o,^) hope dpt r setelkan sme
asgmnt a.s.a.p. ye.. yey!!
ok la ye, nk g smbg mkn. hehe..
c ya in da next entry.
ja ne~ (^o,^)/")