Sunday, May 23, 2010


**(___) uwa... hountoni kakkoi!! my favourite image is the 1st one. kyaaaa!!~ he looks so good in a surfer boy style. ahh.. what a sunshine boy.. I wish I could see him wears the sunglasses cuz I'm so sure he will look more kakkoi & manly (^///^) -faint- xD + I must say that I really love his new figure (^///^) thank God he's not skinny anymore. Now he looks healthier & hotter.. hehe.. ♥♥ 

**well bout the 2nd pic Toma+torn tees=mecha mecha atsui!! (^///^) + his facial expression is hot too. "An ikemen with big eyes" (-taken from Waratte Koraete, Jan'10-) Toma-kun, plz don't stare at me like that or I'm gonna melt instantly!! xD. (___) uwah.. *doki²*

**Last but not least I kinda love the 3rd pic too. ^^ his arms look so strong ne.. but his legs is a lil bit skinny. just like Kate-chan said, he always wears skinny / tight jeans lately.. yeah.. I also realized bout it. xD erm.. maybe he wanna show the atsui / sekushi side of him, I guess.. (^///^) haha.. shut up, Mizza!! xDD. ok.. I gtg now. see ya in the next entry~ ciao♥♥

5 TomatoLurve:

Anonymous said...

i wanna see toma wear sunglasses too!!!

GAH. i like the 1st pic the most too. and both the 1st and 3rd pics got me hot!! >////< so sexy!!!


生田MIZZA said...

he's getting sexier n hotter right?? (^///^) the hotness that u can't resist.

Anonymous said...

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