Wednesday, May 5, 2010


“What’s Toma’s oldest memory?”

There was a lady with a pet rabbit living below the apartment we used to live in, and I was giving that rabbit some food… I think. Probably around 4 years old? I think at the time I was only about twice as big as the rabbit (laughs). Ah, but holding my little brother in my arms might be an older memory. Before my brother was born, I had a favorite sentai hero [t/n, like, those transformer type things, with the five rangers with different colors and all]. The main character’s name was Yusuke, and I liked him so much that I called my brother “Yusuke” (laughs). My parents apparently saw me like that and wondered “What shall we do? Shall we not name him with the name we’ve thought of and call him Yusuke?” In the end they didn’t, but (laughs). Still, I kept calling him Yusuke for a while~.

“What were you called when you were little?”

This one, totally, “Kikansha Thomas” [t/n, Thomas the Tank Engine]. There was a version where I was called “Kikansha!” for short, and another version where I was called “Thomas!” As for “Kikansha,” my name’s not even in it anymore… (laughs). It’s like how Yamashita’s called Pi (laughs). I didn’t have a lot of nicknames~. But Subaru calls me “Ikutakku.” When I see him after a while, he goes “Hey, Ikutakku!” It’s a bit embarrassing. When I first became a Jr., everyone called me “Ikuta” at first. I only started being called “Toma” after a while.

“Any memories of fighting with your brother that left an impression?”

Ever since he was little, my brother’s always been a smooth talker. So he’s good at summarizing into one phrase the thing that annoys you the most (laughs). I’d get pissed and start a fight, and then I’d be the one that got whacked by my dad… that was what always happened (laughs). But rather then fights with him… there were times when we two went and stopped my parents from fighting (laughs). My parents are really close to each other, but then they do get into fights sometimes. When that happened, we brothers would work together to stop them~.

“What were your dreams when you were little?”

Starting from wanting to be a J-league player in soccer, I wanted to be the sentai hero and stuff too. I especially wanted to be one of those rider guys. I have friends who actually work in that field right now, and it really does sound like they have fun. Ah, I still have that as a dream (laughs). Girls might not know, but rangers and riders are different. For rangers, you usually get five people in a team, but for riders, it’s usually just one or two people. I want to be a rider. That way you get more screentime (laughs). Ah~, but being a ranger and having Pink ranger like you… is nice too (laughs). Which means I’d be red~. Some people like Blue, who’s always the cool kind, but I want to be Red, like most guys do (laughs).


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kawaii chibi Toma.. ^^ he's such a loving big bro & a good son eventhough he's kinda mischievous. lol!! xD + I don't have any idea where he got that 'Kikansha Thomas' nickname. I mean, 'the tank engine' haha.. sounds so funny. xD . soshite, it's so~ sweet when his ototo & him try to stop their parents from fighting. ^^ ++ he also mentioned that his ototo is a smooth talker. aww.. Ryuusei-kun, u're so sweet.. it seems like chibi Toma is the mischievous one in his family xD but he grew up as a super nice + sensitive (in a good way) person.. ^^ + last but not least he wanna be a J-league soccer player & a superhero?? xD ehh.. thank God that his Okachan sent his resume to the Jimusho. he really got the talent to be an entertainer & it's such a waste if he's not involve in the entertainment industry. ^^ at least u can still play soccer in your dorama, Toma-kun.. & a SUPERHERO for your fans too.. "....You're Hero..."  [Hero - Arashi] yeah.. that's the perrrrrrrfect song for him.. ^^ ♥♥ well, i guess that's all from me for today's post.. see ya in the next entry.. ciao ♥♥

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