Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TOMA NO HEYA vol.359 (25/05/2010)

TOMA NO HEYA vol. 359
I did it.

Yesterday at the premier press interview.

In the final ending greeting.

More than 500 people in the audience.
People from the press.
Before everyone connected to the movie.

"Thank you for coming today. Since we've brought together all these skilled actors, there's no way this movie can be interesting!"

... ....


You didn't say "no way this movie can not be interesting"!!!!!

GAHH!!!! [sweatdrops x4]

I totally did it.
Everyone tried their best to follow up on me but, it was too late....
Inside my head became all confused, and I have no memory of what I said after that.

That was so rude of me [sweatdrops x3]

Yeah- I was nervous.
Or rather than saying I was nervous I was totally out of it [sweatdrops x3]

Let me yell it out one more time.
Everyone knows, I'm sure but...

Seaside Motel...

Theeeerrrre- iiiissss- no way this movie "can not be interesting"!!


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