Sunday, May 2, 2010

(^o,^) THIS IS MY 50th POST!! YEAY!! + TOMA NO HEYA vol. 350♥♥

yeay!! this is my 50th post!! uwa!!~ ureshi desu.. (^o,^) minna-san thanx very much for coming to my blog.. & I really hope that u'll always support my blog.. yoroshiku onegaishimas.. from now onward, I'll try my best to keep on updating my blog with Toma's stuff. well, here's some mag scans from Cinema Cinema & Seaside Motel pamphlets + translation of Toma No Heya vol. 350 4 all of you..douzo~ (^o,^)

p/s: I think there's a special chemistry between his Toma No Heya vol. 350 & my 50th post. nanka, I kinda feel like he's my destiny.. xD lol!! ♥♥

Toma No Heya vol.350
It’s already May.
So quick!!
Time passes so quickly!
Be careful of May sickness!*
Recently… Well, let’s see.
The other day I got together with close to 10 of my acting friends, and we all went out.
Hm~ it was a pretty interesting group. Enough that you could film 2, 3 movies.
Everyone’s doing their best you know.
In recent times it was the most exciting thing that happened in my private life.
And again today I’ll search for some curious thing.
credit: Inseiko

  • yeah.. as usual.. he's such a caring person right?? he always concern about everybody & I hope he will take a good care of himself too + I wish he will always in the best of health (^o,^)
  • haha.. i'm so excited for his movies too. 3 movies in a year is just awesome right?? uwa~ if only I could go to Japan to watch his movie.. T_____T I wanna go there so~ bad..
  • hm~ I wonder what is the 'curious thing' he's talking about. it sounds kinda mysterious to me. Are you hiding something from us, TOMA-kun?? xD he loves to tease us right??
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see ya in da next post. ciao.♥♥

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Nanacchin said...

thank you so much for share it...<3

生田MIZZA said...

u are most welcome, Na-chan ^^

san_chanyoko said...

Thank you so much! Toma is lovely...

生田MIZZA said...

u r welcome~ ^^
yup! he's so lovely
& kawaii ne..^^

zoe-ikto said...

hey!, thanks for tne cinema cinema ^^

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zoe-chan: u r most welcome ^^

Hana said...

thank you so much ^.^

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マシトマ said...

uwa- thnx for sharin his new tomagoto ^^

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salome said...

thank you so much for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

thank you for lovely sharin'~~~

wonder what's that 'curious thing'??

生田MIZZA said...

u're welcome pititee-chan ^^ .
yeah.. haha.. i dun have any idea bout that 'curious thing' ne.. xD

KIDS said...

THANKS for this update!