Thursday, May 20, 2010


TOKIO's Tomoya Nagase (31) is once again teaming up with screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (39) for a new drama series this summer. This will be their third one together, after "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" (2000) and "Tiger & Dragon" (2005).

Titled "Unubore Deka" ("Conceited Detective"), the show is an original comedy about an unusual detective (Nagase) who has a habit of falling in love with every female suspect, and his conceit leads him to believe that they are also in love with him. When he finds evidence of their crimes, he confronts them with an arrest warrant and a marriage proposal at the same time, giving them a choice between the two. Although his actual name will apparently not be mentioned during the show, he is known to everyone as "Unubore" for his conceit.

TBS says that they are lining up big-name actresses to play the guest role of the suspect for each episode. The network also hinted that there's even a case where the guest will be a male actor.

The regular supporting cast features Toma Ikuta (25) as an actor who is Unubore's friend, Mika Nakashima (27) as Unubore's ex-girlfriend, and Toshiyuki Nishida (62) as Unubore's father. The detective frequents a bar where he and a group of acquaintances are known as the "Unubore 5," consisting of Nagase, Ikuta, Jun Kaname (29), Ken Yahagi (38), and Mitsugoro Bando (54).

"Unubore Deka" will air on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in July.

credit: Sanspo ,  forgottenyears

Wa..!! ^^ I'm so~ excited bout this news. yeay!! another dorama of Ikuta Toma for this year. Erm.. he must be so busy right.. Toma-kun, please take care of yourself, darling (^///^). I'm looking forward to it.

2 TomatoLurve:

Anonymous said...

it's will be a good dorama I guess.
because it's comedy..yeah,it's a long time, I really want to watch drama comedy of toma...:DD

ikuta toma, nagase tomoya, Jin's a good combination, right??
so hyper..^^

生田MIZZA said...

yup!! ^^ u're totally right. i'm looking forward to that dorama. funny Toma is ♥ n i just can't wait to watch it.
ahh.. the combination is just awesome.. ^^ hope i'm sure it'll be a great dorama ^^