Monday, May 17, 2010


yeay!!!!!!! uwa!!! I'm so hyper right now!! ^^ minna-san how are you?? hope u're always in the best of health ^^ yeah.. haha.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 it's a big NEWS!! xD ok, ok.. I hv to calm down a lil bit.. hountoni gomen~ ahem.. back to the main topic. Ikuta Toma will play the role of a detective in the autumn cx-sp dorama - KYUUKEI NO KOUYA (球状の荒野) & this dorama will be aired on Fuji TV for 2 nights this autumn. well, this dorama is basically about a Japanese diplomat (played by Tamura) who is declared as dead in order to save his country during the WW2 in 1945. ahh.. I just can't wait for this special dorama ^^. owh anyway, u can visit this site for more detail:                                           

**extra info: Higa Manami will play the roll of Tamura's daughter & she'll flirting around the detective (Toma) until he's drawn to her. ehh?? ( 0 _ 0 ) erm.. it's sounds kinda interesting anyway. xD i really hope that TFS Team / anybody will sub this dorama a.s.a.p just like they did to Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari: The Law Of Recycling Suicide ^^ ma, c ya in da next entry~ ciao♥♥


kyaaa!!~ TOMA-kun!! u're so~ kakkoi with ur black hair.. Photobucket

credit:baidu , tokyograph

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Hana said...

Yay! Can't wait to see!
I hope someone will sub this immediately..

生田MIZZA said...

yup!! me too ^^ i really wanna watch this dorama so bad.. hope the TFS team will sub this dorama just like they did for The Law Of Recycling Suicide. ^^

kate♥toma said...

thanks for the pics, mizza-chan! <3 toma looks so handsome. *_*

生田MIZZA said...

u r welcome, Kate-chan ^^
yeah.. sooo handsome n kakkoi.. (^///^)