Friday, May 21, 2010

TOMA NO HEYA vol.357 (20/05/2010)

‘Unubore Deka’
will start on TBS in July.
To put it simply…
it’s just the role of a narcissistic actor.
His name is Honjo Sadame.
In the Unubore 5 he’s nicknamed Sadamecchi.
It’s not often that I’ll crack up when reading the script.
Looking forward to it.
The excitement won’t stop.
Excitedly Watching.
I’ve wanted to work with Kudo-san since years ago, and I’ve always wanted to act with Nagase-kun. They’ve finally come true.
Conceited actor Ikuta Toma will work hard.
I’ll be put on my most conceited face!
 credit: Hanbun

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