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Recruiting extras

【Important Recruiting Points】
Filming Locations:Kushiro, Hokkaido・Akkeshi suburbs/Tokyo &Kanto areas
Filming schedule:May, June, July 2011(Details will be announced in order.)
Recruiting: School festival crowds、bus passengers、high school students、company employees、passersby etc. young, old, men, women、it’s a mass recruitment!
※Minors will need to be accompanied by a guardian and will need permission from a guardian.

◆Participants will be given specially made original goods.
◆Travelling expenses and performance fees can’t be paid. Please understand this.
◆In the case of filming taking a long time, lunch boxes will be prepared.
◆Due to weather conditions there may be sudden changes to the schedule。In those times we will always contact you.

【What to put in the extra registration form】
①name(in furigana) ②gender ③age ④cell phone number(and times it is possible to contact you) ⑤address(and the nearest train station) ⑥an email address we can definitely use to contact you.
⑦days and times you can participate(please check these.) ⑧filming locations where you can participate(Hokkaido or Tokyo)

【Facts to be aware of】
①The information of individuals who send applications will be used for the sole aim of performing as an extra in this original work, when filming ends this will be completely disposed of.
②The people we decide on will be notified by email. When we exceed the number of applicants, this will be done by lottery.
③Because we will be using our contact address( ), please set up the options for receiving mail from this address on your computer and cell phone.
④On the appointed days of filming please follow the staff’s instructions. In the case of you being unable to do this it is very likely you’ll asked to leave.
⑤When the actors are filming, autographs or handshakes, photographs of filming/movie filming will be sternly refused. In the case of discovering this conduct when filming, you will be asked to erase the data.
⑥Publishing information of filming times on things like blogs and twitter is strictly refused. In cases where this is detected, you will receive severe treatment.
⑦ Depending on the filming location, it can be difficult to ensure a place to park, if possible we request you be thoughtful about driving.

Recruiting volunteer staff.
At the location of Kushiro in Hokkaido, we are mass recruiting volunteer staff that can accompany and collaborate.
People who wish to be volunteer staff, please apply by filling in the special application form as above. We want people who are interested in the actual spot of the filming and people whose aim is film production.

※We can’t receive enquiries by phone. Please understand this.

Links for the form:



僕等がいた (We Were There)

is an on-going Japanese romance manga by Yuki Obata, centering around the high school life of freshman girl, Nanami Takahashi. It has been serialized in Betsucomi since 2002. The series went on hiatus in early 2008, but resumed publication in June 2009. The series is licensed for an English language release in North America by Viz Media. It was adapted into a 26-episode television anime series which aired from July 3 to December 25, 2006.
In 2005, the manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo.

Synopsis : 

Nanami has just started high school. She wishes to make many friends, but makes a huge mistake already. She forgets a girl's name so she asks a random guy in the hall what the girl's name was. The guy tells her it is "Mizuhara". During the nomination for a class president, Nanami nominates Mizuhara. It turns out that the girl's name was Mizuguchi, not Mizuhara, and so Nanami ends up being the class president... 

Nanami gets angry at the guy, who is named Motoharu. She also finds out that Motoharu is very popular and is liked by at least 2/3 of the class. Well, it looks like Nanami is in the rare 1/3! 

However, after a failing moment (her math test), she goes to the roof top and spots Motoharu. Though Nanami feels that Motoharu is an irresponsible and crude guy, he has a charming smile and develops a liking for him.


  • Nanami "Nana" Takahashi (高橋 七美 Takahashi Nanami?), the series protagonist, is a high school girl who falls in love with the popular Motoharu Yano. They struggle with issues of trusting one another as the shadow of Yano's dead girlfriend, who was with another guy at the time she died, looms over them. In the manga, eventually Yano's inability to let go and her inability to focus on the future rather than the past lead to their breaking up. She eventually begins dating Take, but is unable to forget Yano completely. When Take proposes, she rejects him, then begins searching for Yano after meeting one of his coworkers and learning where he is. In the anime adaptation, she is voiced by Nozomi Sasaki.
  • Motoharu Yano (矢野 元晴 Yano Motoharu?) is a popular high school boy whose girlfriend was killed in a car crash while out with another guy. He has a hard time trusting Nanami, and displays jealousy and possessiveness, to the point of physically abusing her. As the series progresses, he wrestles with his feelings for his dead girlfriend versus those for the living Nanami, whom he even calls "Nana-chan" at times. Yano moves to Tokyo with his mom, but after half a year he stops contacting Nanami, effectively breaking up with her. Eventually it is revealed that his mother killed herself, after which he disappeared. He reappears four years later, living with Yamamoto but still remembering Nanami. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Hiroshi Yazaki.
  • Masafumi "Take" Takeuchi (竹内 匡史 Takeuchi Masafumi?) is Yano's close friend and becomes a friend and confidant for Nanami after she begins dating Yano. As the series progresses, he finds himself falling in love with her, leaving him unsure how to proceed. When Yano breaks up with Nanami, they begin dating. He eventually proposes, but she turns him down. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Takuji Kawakubo.
  • Yuri Yamamoto (山本 有里 Yamamoto Yuri?) is the younger sister of Nana, Yano's late girlfriend. She had a crush on Yano even while he was dating her sister. A week after Nana's death, Yano had sex with her. She originally believed he was simply using her, but later suspects he was pitying her. After Yano begins dating Nanami, she becomes an obstacle for their relationship as Yano continues displaying some closeness with her. In the anime adaptation, she is voiced by Erina Nakayama.


Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta and actress Yuriko Yoshitaka will play the leads in an upcoming movie adaptation of a popular romance manga series, it was revealed on May 1, reports Oricon and Chunichi Sports.
“僕等がいた (Bokura ga ita, We Were There)” is an ongoing manga series by Yuki Obata and follows a couple over 10 years of their life from the time they meet at high school, move onto university, and then go into the working world.  The story moves around Hokkaido and Tokyo and follows the characters as they fall in love and experience the hardship that comes with it.
“This might be the last time I wear a school uniform (laughs).  I hope I can enjoy that young, sweet high school life to the full,” Ikuta said.
Ikuta’s character Motoharu Yano is the popular boy at school; he’s smart, good-looking, and athletic.  But the part to watch out for is how he is affected by his girlfriend’s death after she dies in a car accident.
“I feel thankful be able to given the chance to play such a cool, yet very human character like Yano, but I want to do my best to bring some life into him,” he said.
Ikuta’s co-star Yoshitaka said it was her first time playing a character adapted from a romance manga, and she was aware that the series has a lot of devoted fans.
“I want to do my best to make sure I don’t betray the manga’s fans or put them to shame,” she said.
Filming is scheduled to begin this month and is reported to be aiming for a two-part release in 2012.

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2011/05/02 VARIOUS REPORTS OF BOKURA GA ITA (3 vids in 1)


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2011/05/02 BOKURA GA ITA REPORT .avi


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