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minna-san hisashiburi~ sorry 4 not updating my blog 4 a few days.. >__< well it's because i dun have recent news bout Toma.. hountoni gomenasai.. but here's a fan report about The Seaside Motel in Osaka.. + she even got the chance to meet Toma.. uwa.. I'm so happy 4 her.. T___T ahh....... if only i'm a rich person.. then i could go there whenever i want to & i might get the chance to meet Toma too.. ~_~' uwa....... nanka i feel kinda upset.. well u can read the whole report here:

ok.. back to the main topic.. ^^ haha.. well actually i wanna share 5 things that Toma values  the most. hope u guyz will love these fun facts bout him. minna-san douzo~


1.       FAMILY
In my family, I have my father, mother, brother, me and a dog . It’s a tan toy poodle. When I go home it’ll welcome me, and it’s very good at comforting me (laughs). Our family’s relationship is especially good. When I was young we often travel together. My dad’s really sporty. It’s really great, and I sort envy him. When I was young I thought  his back was very strong and wide. My mom is very gentle, but she’s still really terrifying when she’s angry (laughs). But, sometimes I think I’ve inherited her personality, which is neither strong nor weak. As for my brother, we sometimes go watch stage plays. Compared to before, the time I spend with my family has decreased, but I still valued my family very much.

2.       FRIENDS

Even if they’re not by my side now,  even if you had just argued yesterday, you will still spend every day with your friends during your student years right? It’s so great. My high school friends and I were extremely close, but I can’t see them everyday, so I sometimes feel nostalgic about my student era. Despite this, we’ll still meet up very often (laughs). To me, friends are the people who can help me recover from things I dislike, or exhaustion, then to help me recover my energy, friends lead that sort of existence.

3.       SMILE

On the first day of filming for the Hana kimi SP, I had just finished filming another drama 3 days before, so I was a little nervous  about my sudden change of personality. But I soon began to smile. As I gathered again with everyone, the memory of last summer naturally resurfaced, and I naturally dove into my role. A smiling face will give someone  energy, and it will fill yourself with life. I think this is very important.

4.       FUTURE

During my senior years of high school, I acted in a stage play and decided “I just want to do this kind of job”. I also wondered where my life will stray to. Although I worked hard and was happy, I still lacked confidence in my decision sometimes. Although I no longer feel this way, I can’t still see my future. The day ten years from now is still blurry. No matter what though, I’d like to continue working hard at my job and drinking happily with my friends (laughs). How should I say.. I hope I can be the type of person that can battle passionately for something. I still love the kind of person who works amazingly hard. Whether it’s for academics, sports, works.. anything is good. Amidst all of these hard working people, I also want to live to the max.

 5.       LOVE

Love, it’s pretty far from me right now. But it’s not because I don’t want to start a relationship, it’s only that I enjoy work very much right now, so I probably can’t spare energy for it. I’m the kind of person that concentrates on one thing so I’ll always throw myself completely into what I’m doing in the present. I really do want to balance work with my private life, but it’s really hard (laughs). But if someone’s in a loving relationship, the person will probably change no matter if the person is a girl or boy. His or her expressions will become more lively. But although love and relationships are very far from me right now, love itself is still pretty good.

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マシトマ said...

thnx kouhai for sharing this ^^ i love toma- huhu.. he's nice person..

生田MIZZA said...

u r welcome, senpai.. ^^ yeah.. he's soooooo nice... uwa.. i just love him more n more..!! ^^