Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ikuta Toma (25), Aragaki Yui (22),  and Mukai Osamu (28) visited a theater in Tokyo to greet the audience of their movie "Hanamizuki" on its opening day.

When the stage greeting was about to end, the audience suddenly started to sing the chorus of Hitoto Yuu's "Hanamizuki" on which the story of the movie is based on. Everyone of the cast was really surprised and Gakky even was moved to tears. "It was such a warm surprise, I just couldn't hold back my feelings… Thank you very much," she said while wiping off her tears. "During the filming we've seen a lot of really beautiful sceneries, but today might be the most beautiful," she added and thanked the audience.

"Hanamizuki" is a love story about a couple who constantly think about each other for more than 10 years despite living far apart from each other for a couple of years. The story is set in a lot of different places like Tokyo, Hokkaido, New York and Canada.

Ikuta revealed that he started to train on a fishing boat even before the filming to prepare for his role and greeted the audience with the following words, "Since it's a movie that became really important for me, I hope that everyone will love this hanamizuki just as much." Mukai was really surprised by the sudden singing of the audience as well, "I've never experienced such a stage greeting before, but it's a really happy feeling to stand up here in front of you."

Director Doi Nobuhiro attended the event as well and gave the three actors some flowers to thank them for all the difficulties they had to go through during the filming. About Gakky he said in a fatherly tone, "I think that, just like the protagonist in the movie, Yui-chan herself might have experienced some personal growth during the filming as well. It makes me happy seeing that growth in her." After that he was a bit more playful when he commented about Ikuta, "He has so many love scenes, it's making me jealous."

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Anonymous said...

OMG *squeal* i luv the 1st pix!!!!
luv how theyre looking at each other XDXDXD
luv Toma's outfit too. hes like a prince in white...juz missing the horse kakakak
& wat does the director mean when he said Toma had too many love scenes? lucky ne? ^^

musixofmalife said...

heheee... haiiii!! squealing over n over!! xD lol!! he does looks like a prince ne.. n of course he's a prince. our Shining Prince Hikaru Genji. xD heheee.... can't wait 4 that movie ne..
well, i guess the director is talking bout his romantic scene with Gakky ^__^
yup!! he's so~ lucky n i'm kinda jealous bout that. hahaaaa.... xD