Thursday, December 2, 2010


you could watch the first part of this drama:~

and the second part of the drama:~

p/s: i have the Chinese sub of this vid & the link to download the raw file of this dorama but i can't upload it cuz my internet connection is super slow & it's even slower than a snail. feel free to ask me if u wana download the raw vid / Chinese sub vid of KYUKEI NO KOUYA (^o,^)

(c) dariya_0308

10 TomatoLurve:

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, please do upload the drama. I don't care if it will take a long time before it will be uploaded. :DDDD


Anonymous said...

Hello! (´w`)/

A question, what kind of quality has your raw file (how many MBs etc.)?

生田MIZZA said...

aiek08-chan: i'll try my best to upload it. ganbarimas.. ^^

hq quality n the size is 1 gig smthng. so big ne....

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, 1 GB is big!^^
Thank you for answering~

生田MIZZA said...

u're most welcome.. i'll try to upload them asap ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wandering if you're uploading the RAW file :) Thank you!

puuva said...

may i know the link to download the raw file please ^.^

Anonymous said...

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