Sunday, January 2, 2011

20110101 TOYOTA VITZ SMART STOP cm (15s) + MY 350th POST


Omedeto to dearest TD-chan for your 350th post on the 2nd day of 2011. Yeay!! Well for this year + my 4th sem @ the univ. my bz-ness started earlier than usual. Wahh!! there are so many things that I need to catch up both in studying & fangirling. Sometimes 24 hours a day isn't  enough for me. I need mooooaar time to manage my rl!! Hahaaa.. xD Well anyway, fangirling is my passion & I'll never gonna stop doing this 'crazy job' ^__^ Everybody thanks for coming to my blog.. thanks for your support.. & I love u love u so~ much. Have a great weekend & please take a good care of yourself. See ya in da next entry!! (^o,^)

(c) yt

3 TomatoLurve:

salome said...

thank you for sharing! happy new year!

生田MIZZA said...

u're most welcome salome-chan ^__^
thanks 4 coming to my blog & have a wonderful 2011 <3<3

Anonymous said...

omedetou TD-chan..<3
thanks for sharing all bout toma with us.. ;)
hope this year will be the BEST year for Toma & everybody..amin!