Thursday, February 25, 2010


Johnny's / Ningen Shikkaku / Ikuta Toma / Johnny's Jr.
Johnny's actor Ikuta Toma(生田斗真), Iseya Yusuke(伊勢谷友介), Ishihara Satomi(石原さとみ) and V6 member Morita Gou(森田剛) attended the eve event of the movie "Ningen Shikkaku/人間失格 (lit. No Longer Human)" on February 19th.

The venue was filled to capacity on the day and Ikuta was overwhelmed by the scene: "I have been waiting for the release. Please recommend it to your friends and invite more people." All casts also greeted after the movie, "I feel so happy to find out you look satisfied." said Morita.

The director also praised Ikuta for his good performance: "'Ningen Shikkaku' is a movie that will show you with actor's charisma. He deserves to be applauded." In addition, Ikuta received a good many praises from costars as well. "Toma-kun is an excellent actor. I encountered a lot of people and works when I was as old as Ikuta, too. He is really standing out. It's amazing." "I can feel the growth of Toma-kun everyday. As an actor, I really want to praise him." It seems Ikuta Toma is highly expected.

Ikuta also looked back on the shooting section and was moved to tears, "I am very happy..." while wiping tears, "I want more people to watch the movie. If you haven't read the novel of Dazai, I hope the movie will be a chance..."

The movie is adapted from the novel of the same title, which is the concentrated with essence of Dazai Osamu. It paints the life of Oba Yozo (Ikuta Toma) who is attractive because of good-looking and at the same time living with the dark side of life and the loneliness. Check out the performance skill of Ikuta immediately!

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