Tuesday, September 14, 2010


       omgggggg!! Ikuta Toma will be appeared in a Final Fantasy XIV cm & the cm will start on this Sept 22th. kyaaaaaaaaa!!Onion Head Onion Head omggggggg!! i just can't wait for this cm ne.. & i'm so sure it'll be his coolest cm. omgggggg!! Toma in a FFXIV costume!! uwaaaaa!! kakkoi!!!!!!!!Onion Head Onion Head aww.. my gorgeous gorgeous Toma.. hmmmm... well if i'm not mistaken he'll play the role from the Hyur Tribe . hmm.. well, you can get the accurate info from this site: . fufuu.. here are some pix from Final Fantasy XIV Team press conference  in Tokyo's Ebisu Garden Hall on September 14, 2010. Douzo.. Onion Head Onion Head

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 omggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMA!! why so beautiful!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! omgggggg!!!! wahhhh.. sorry for my hyperness. omgggggg!!! my pretty pretty boy!!
Onion Head Onion Head

 Toma @ The FFXIV press conference

Toma's costume??!!

his new cm will start on this Sept. 22th

some screen shots f/ FFXIV

some costumes of FFXIV

Hyur (ヒューラン, Hyūran?): A race that is more or less human. They are divided into the Midlanders and the Highlanders. The Midlanders place a heavy emphasis on education, and are generally considered to be the most cultured people of the world. Physically larger and bulkier than their Midlander cousins, the Highlanders once governed the grand city-state of Ala Mhigo, which was invaded and razed by the Garlean Empire. With their homeland destroyed and their numbers decimated, the Highlanders now eke out their existence as mercenaries. While the Midlander clan offers both sexes as playable characters, it seems that only males of the Highlander clan will be playable.

Some of FFXIV trailers:

More info bout FFXIV here:

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3 TomatoLurve:

elven-myth said...

Mizza-chan! Kyaaaaaaa~!!! I'm really excited too, this is so awesome!!! <3 <3 I just saw a similar post on lj....Toma in cosplay!!! *dies from nosebleed* The screenshots of the character he's meant to be playing looks a tiny bit like him xD
Uwahhh~ I'm really looking forward to seeing this CM Toma-kun, ganbare!! <3
Thank you for posting! :)

Anonymous said...

are u sure the cm will start on sept22th?
gile hepy nih kl btul!!! ;)

mashi_toma said...

kouhai!! 2 ari xpat singgah ur blog.. T.T busy2.. really toma in final fantasy..wah..sugoi ne- i like it ;p