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TOMA NO HEYA vol.393 (15/09/2010) , 394 (16/092010) , 395 (18/09/2010) , 396 (20/09/2010)

TOMA NO HEYA vol. 396

"The Tale of Genji"
We started filming today.

I will make an effort.
*(chinese trans: 力口油 which means work hard/ make an effort, but it should be written this way: 加油)

Note: The original entry made ガンバリマス's ン wrote as ソ (笑)
Kouhei in Hanamizuki always write the wrong words, for example the postcard to Sae, and the flag on the boat model, ン looks like ソ.

TOMA NO HEYA vol. 395

Good bye, Unubore Deka.
It's the last episode.
We danced together at last.
I don't know why, there's a warm atmosphere.
Yesterday we had a party to celebrate it, so we watched the TV Live.
The staffs handed out t-shirts beforehand, t-shirt with Nagase-kun's conceited look on it.
I wore the beautiful 'Unubore' T-shirt to the party, I'm surprised that I was the only one who wore the shirt.
Really, I'm the only one.
I saw everyone wearing it before, I guess they got dirty.

In Unubore Deka, I met lots of 
outstanding people, so I can't let them beat me, 
I have to work really hard.

TOMA NO HEYA vol.394

On my way back from SMAP LIVE concert.

It was a STAR.
Very bright.
It's really cool.

I went to visit SMAP afterward.
Takuya Kimura injected 'toma strength/soul' (Chinese: 斗魂, see Note)

He pats me on the back!
Because of this, I will have strength to fight for the future.

Ikuta, will work really hard.
Note: 战斗的斗 ->in chinese it means Fight. 斗=Toma

TOMA NO HEYA vol.393

Hi everybody.
It's my pleasure to be in Final Fantasy 14's CM.

Oh my god! FF is men's romance! Romance flight!!
Speaking of which, I'm under a lot of pressure, I don't know what I'm talking about.
Carving a very fine spot.
I wanted to say this, but i said the word 'Fine' for 10 times. (laughs)
I guess I'm too nervous.
Really! No matter how you look at, It's very very beautiful!
I was wearing an armor during the shoot, 
the quality is really good, 
we kept taking pictures of it.
Really, I'm glad. I've been a fan of FF since primary, it's really awesome.

You can see the CM and Making on Square Enix's homepage,
Please check it out.

It's very cool.
Even if you haven't played it online before, you will be obsessed with it after playing it with friends.
I spent the whole night playing the previous FF!

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