Wednesday, June 2, 2010



ma, Toma talks about his most embarrassing scene in T.S.M. Aso & him are so~ embarrassed eventhough they did 'it' separately (thank God ~_~ phew.....) the scene is mecha mecha atsui!! -dies- and I can barely see his appendicitis scar when Aso unbuckle his belt. OMG~ (+___+) I'm totally speechless. hmm.. seems like I don't have any idea to describe bout this vid since my mind is totally stuck right now. plz do watch this vid if u wanna know more bout it. ^^ omg.. I've to calm down a lil bit. c ya in the next entry.. ciao♥♥

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Nayanaya said...

lots of updates about Toma ...
ah ~
since I vacation at my parents' house without internet, I really don't know all the news about Toma .. and very grateful to you because you've been share ... I will download all video which you share later .. because now so many things to be done by me.
feel so sad T___T

musixofmalife said...

wow.. i'm sure u have loads of fun during ur vacation rite?? i'll try my very best to keep on updating my blog with Toma's stuff. ganbaremas!! anyway, thanks for coming to my blog ^^

Nayanaya said...

Not really...
since I can't Update about Toma and other JE..huhuhu
now...Lots of video that I want to watch and DL..I guess I'll hard work to get all of the video..LOL..

musixofmalife said...

hope u'll be able
to download all of
the videos that u want ne..
ganbare kudasai..

muymuy said...

waaaah! can't wait to view it! thanks for sharing. ^_^