Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TOMA NO HEYA vol.365 (13/06/2010)

Congratulations on the start of filming.
Unubore Deka started filming.
Starting today I am Honjo Sadame.
Be conceited.
Conceited non-stop.
Currently being conceited non~stop.
The first day is very Sadame, beginning with the role of a corpse.
But I think everyone won’t really understand what I mean…
Please look forward to the broadcast.
Today is also the second round of fan greetings for Seaside Motel, Kameari and Saitama chapters.
credit: hanbun

10 TomatoLurve:

Oiph said...

I really don't understand about the dead body part, but I can't wait for watching the dorama. Yay~ :)

Thanks for sharing... *bow*

musixofmalife said...

lol!! xD me either.. i really don't get it ne.. but i'm looking forward to watch unubore deka too.. YEAY!! :D

u're most welcome.. ^^
+ u dun have to bow next tym..
i'm soo glad that i'm able to share
Toma's stuff with u & other fans ^^

Anonymous said...

I think that means his role play a dead ya ya...^_^ what I am trying to say is Sadame - the actor - play a dead body. Do you think so? Ah, besides, thanks you about all the fantasy Toma's stuffs. Hontou ni arigatou!

musixofmalife said...

hi anonymous-chan :)(sorry cuz i dunno ur name ~_~)

hmm.. well maybe.. lol!! xD
Sadame (Toma) as a dead body sounds interesting ne.. ^^ . uwa.. i just can't wait to watch this dorama.
anyway, u r most welcome ^^
Thanks so much 4 coming to my blog ^^

Anonymous said...


Can I ask you- is the pic from Unubore Deka?

Thank you!

musixofmalife said...

nope.. it's just a random pic of him ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering!(^v^)/

-But from where is this picture? Do you know that?

musixofmalife said...

u r welcome.
this pic is from a random
photo shoot if i'm not mistaken. :)

Anonymous said...

I see, thank you very much!

musixofmalife said...

u r welcome... (^_^)