Friday, July 16, 2010

COMPILATION OF TOMA NO HEYA vol. 371, 372, 373, 374, & 375

**my rough translation of Toma No Heya. douzo~

Toma No Heya vol.371 (30/06/2010)

Congratulation to Okada. Japan 16 is strong.
You’re (Japanese soccer team) playing so well.
In the interview Okada said that
he wants the player to win.
I can’t help myself from crying when I saw the smile on Okada’s face ~
I’m the only one who cries you know..
When the opponent team scored a penalty
I can only saw tears from Japanese spectators.
I felt so moved with this World Cup even though
I’m so upset with yesterday’s result.
Okada, thank you.

Toma No Heya vol.372 (07/07/2010)

Tomorrow’s Hanamizuki pre-screening.
You can also come to the pre-screening ceremony.
Please look forward to it.

Toma No Heya vol.373 (08/07/2010)

Today’s Hanamizuki pre-screening
& tomorrow at 10pm be prepared with Unubore Deka.
Don’t miss it.

Toma No Heya vol.374 (09/07/2010)

Tonight at 10pm~
Unubore Deka starts tonight.
Everybody please sit in front of your tv set
& watch it.

Toma No Heya vol.375 (14/07/2010)

It’s a sunny day in Kanto
& I prefer to bask under the sun.

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Anonymous said...

why toma x mention bout his pb eh??dia xtau ke??


musixofmalife said...

k.amal: huhu mebi ea x ready nk g tw kot... T___T

Anonymous said...

ye kot..huhuhu

musixofmalife said...

hmm... tp x lme g konpem ea akan pomot gk bku tu... :P

Anonymous said...

mst dia pomot punye la..heheh..pastu nt kte le r tau pe prasaan dia bile da ade pb sndri kn..ish! x saba plak.. ;)

musixofmalife said...

k.amal: hehe.. tw xpa.. mst dia epy n excited gle kn?? ^^

Anonymous said...

yup2..konpem dia sgt xcited...
sdgkn kte yg nk bli pn sgt xcited smpi nanges2..dia yg tuan punye pb lg le :)

musixofmalife said...

hehe.. btul tu.. sdgkan y pb ningen shikkaku tu pn dia da excited gle.. ni da la pb sndri lak tu.. ^^

Anonymous said...

betul3.. ;)

musixofmalife said...

hehe.. tggu n lihat je la bila dia n announce sndri. ;p;p

Anonymous said...

yup2..kte tungguuuuu.. ;p