Friday, July 30, 2010

TOMA NO HEYA vol.377 , 378, & 379

Thank you very much to Jessica-chan for translating these Toma No Heya. You're so~ cool ^__^ yeay!! *biiiig hug* oh anyway, here's the translation of Toma No Heya. Douzo~

TOMA NO HEYA  vol. 377 (26/07/2010)

Hey hey hey~!

It's been quite a while.

I'm busy working, working very hard...

I've been seeing Yamashita, and we talked a lot.

Not long ago, i went to the cinema with Yoko to watch Hanamizuki's trailer,
Yoko screamed "Oh, isn't that Toma!"
That was embarrassing...

Shooting Unubore Deka was fun.
Friday night at 10, please watch it~

PS: "Hey hey hey" was one of the lines in the drama.

TOMA NO HEYA vol. 378 (27/07/2010)

Unexpected continuous updates

I performed in TOKIO's new song 『NaNaNa(太陽なんていらねえ) 』's promotion video (pv).
I never performed in pv before, I'm glad to have this chance.
It is Unubore Deka's theme song.

The procedure of filming it was great! The first edition cd includes the PV, please support :)
It;s a work that is very touching.
Again, Thanks to the TOKIO members who let me perform.

Ningen Shikkaku's DVD is going to be out on 4th August.
I watched it again just now, include the 'classy' images...

Anyways, I'm going to talk about my feelings later on. I can't write it right now, there's too much going on in my brain.

TOMA NO HEYA vol.379 (28/07/2010)

I'm going to continue with what I was talking about yesterday...

I watched Ningen Shikkaku again.
The making is really long, I used to wonder if the cameraman is filming the making of it or not.
Anyways, they did film it. And i never realized that.
In the making, i was really 'normal' in it. Aiyaaa, that's embarrassing...
I know this is a bit weird for myself to say it, but I only paid attention to things in front of me but not to things beside me.
Second time watching Ningen Shikkaku the movie,
I think it is a very important movie for me.
Everyday, feels like it's a dream, it makes my life full and happy.
Everytime I think about the finish filming and the scene of hugging the director, it's still very touching.
That time I could feel the director's warmth, his eyes were red (because he's trying not to let tears fall)
His strength and power, I still remember..
On another hand, I really wanted him to be proud of me as an actor and not to embarrass him.
Feels like I have met the person who can give me support.

After the making,
I said: No matter what happens in the future, I would think about the things that happened in the past 2 months
Now, honestly, lots of things are stuck together, it's very hard.
This is the first time for me to get encouragement from myself.
I just feel it, It' not really tough though.

So I'm gonna have to try my very best.
People who are reading this journal, who feel tired or sick of anything,
let's do it together and try our best!

It is nice for us to meet like this,
I still have to work harder and harder,
follow me! :D

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Mashi Toma said...

sugoi!! toma leave a long comment for his TNH.. i'm so touched when read the last 1..*tringin lak nk tgok NS* 0_o

Pigmom said...

"Let's do it together & try our best!"
of course we will Toma-kun!!! <333
Thanks for the translation
i cant believe he updated his TNH for 3 continuous days. is there more to come??? plz say yes XD XD

musixofmalife said...

i wanna watch NS so~ bad too..
he's such an inspiring person right??
awww... i love him love him so~ much... <3<3

musixofmalife said...

yup!! of course we wil do it together with him ^^.
thnx to my friend, jessica-chan 4 translating these TNH.
aww.. i really wish i could read his TNH everyday.. + i really missed
his ikita kotoba so~ much.. >__<

jessicacml33 said...

I'm glad I could help! ^^
It would be awesome if i could read, translate and share it with you guys everyday! heheee :) ♥

musixofmalife said...

wow.. really?? ^__^
sugoi.. i'll try to find
more TNH. n i wish Toma will update
his TNH everyday. lol!! xD