Friday, July 9, 2010


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**you can also watch this variety show here:
credit: y38able

p/s: whew.. i just can't wait for the subbed version of this show.. ^____^


~>Toma's rumored to be in the Kenshin Movie with Oguri Shun, Sato Takeru & Miura Haruma. fufuuu.. aww.. I really hope that it's not just a rumour cuz I WANT IT TO BE TRUE!!!! ^_____^ so cool rite??

~>On the TV program, “Rank kingdom“, there was a ranking of most wanted nude celebrity photos. They asked girls in Shibuya whose nude photos they would like to see and..
kyaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photobucket Photobucket omggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!Photobucket Photobucketgosh.... i don't wanna see him in that way >///<

5 TomatoLurve:

mashi_toma said...

xsangka kn-
ala.. kouhai msti vote gk nih-
no.1 tu xley blah

musixofmalife said...

eh.. mne de vote. y vote ni pn girls kt shibuya je. >////< hahax!! tw xpa!! tang no.1 y plg x ley bla to. xD

Mashi Toma said...

hihi..ala kouhai malu2 plak die ;p
tp kn yg no.1 tu..mmg da jgka pon..since die wt 1 kekecohan..kt japan..lately..*dh la suke kt die nih*

musixofmalife said...

Eh.. mmg btul lew. mne de vote. elele... ke senpai y tringin nk vote?? ahax!! ;p

huhu tp cm pelik lk cz girls kt shibuya tu leh vote erika utk 1st place. n then, j.e boys y len pn xde. huhu.. >////<

Anonymous said...

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