Sunday, October 17, 2010



p/s: please copy the folder & paste it somewhere
if u can't extract the file. thank you.. & sorry for the
inconvenience. owh, & please do inform me if there's
something wrong w/ the mp3 files ^__^

(c) Troom

19 TomatoLurve:

Shunknee said...

thank you very much for this~ but when I try to extract it all I get is errors =/

Leisy said...

thank uuuuu

avantblue said...

hai, thank you so much for sharing.

Areea said...

Heck yes, songs Toma loves. I heart you FOREVER for doing this because I am the biggest stalker when it comes to his music tastes.

*gives chocolate hearts*

redgirl29 said...

thank you so much for sharing... you are very kind :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Maybe_CanBe said...

Oh!what a nice idea!
Honto ni Arigatou! ^o^
You are really kind!


Hiromi said...

thanks for sharing!!
not that i'm complaining, but umm there are some songs i know and not the title and i would like to know, so i don't want it to be annoying, but you could give the title of some songs? if you know, if no no problem at all ^^

生田MIZZA said...

owh.. pleace click on the zipped file, and then.. copy the mp3 folder and paste it somewhere. ^__^ n then u could finally hear all of the songs

生田MIZZA said...

aww.. u're most welcome ^__^

u're most welcome..
it's my pleasure to be able to
share this file w/ everybody

awww.. so sweeeeet of u.. (^o,^)
heheee.. *huuugs!!* well he does hv a good taste when it comes to music ^__^ *taking~ ur yummy yummy chocolate hearts xD*

u're most welcome..
aww.. no.. i just wanna share
his stuff w/ everybody n i'm
so hapot that u like this stuff

u're most welcome..

aww.. i'm so happy that i could
share this file w/ everybody. u really dun have to thank me cuz it's my pleasure to share this stuff w/ everybody ^__^

ano.. i'll try my best to provide the title ne. but i dunno some of the songs either.. m(__ __)m hountoni
hountoni gomenasai...

evondaniel said...

Thank you

evondaniel said...

Thank you

evondaniel said...

Thank you

evondaniel said...

Thank you

aqua-cactus said...

thank you for sharing..
love to hear toma again..
at last lots of toma here..

erm... i think for those who can't copy n paste like me coz using winrar
u guys can downloas winrar recovery..

thanx again....

Akemi Himekami said...

OMG it has the white christmas song he sings!! Thankyou so much Mizza chan just one question Toma is the one that start singing last christamas right???

aj said...

Hello! Arigatou gozaimasu! I had a hard time extracting the files too at first. Here's what I did. Right click the zipped file, choose open with windows explorer, and voila! I was surprised too. It was just a random move. Hehe.
Thanks again for sharing this. ^^

mylkah said...

Oh! A collection of Toma's song! Thank you so much! *_*

Anonymous said...

Thank you!