Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TOMA NO HEYA vol.356 (17/05/2010)

Matsumoto Seicho Special Drama “Kyuukei no Kouya” (The Spherical Wilderness)
I will be appearing in it. I was honoured to be included with senpai
That I truly respect from the heart. I was shaking countless times on set.
I have watched since I was small so, to work with them
On the same set, I was really happy.
It was also a while since I had last met “Kaori”
Sata Andagi m(__ __)m
I’ll be playing Soeda,
a young police officer persuing the story.
I’ll be a while since I played a police officer too.
Look forward to the broadcast date.

 Kaori & Toru in Majo Saiban xD

 **Sata Andagi is a type of Okinawan desert, kind of like a doughnut. Higa Manami is from Okinawa. Apparently on the set of Majo Saiban, whenever Mr. Toma was asked to speak the Okinawan dialect, he’d say “sata andagi”, eventually pissing off Manami.
XD haha.. noughty Toma..

credit:Inseiko , Hanbun

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マシトマ said...

ufufufu.. pnjg nye- nyway thnx for this... look forward to this 1 heheh.. keje ngn senpai tu... mmg thp tharu sgt2..

生田MIZZA said...

hehe.. tw xpe.. sgt2 jrg if nk tgk Toma taep pnjg2 cmni. xD . mebi dia tlebey xcited kot.. tu r.. ^^ mst dia epy sgt2 dpt blakon dgn his senpai. tu y his Toma no Heya pnjg smcm je. xDD

Tukiran said...

Im back...woow..,..

マシトマ said...

yela..mne xnye..dlm hanbun pon owg dok kata..toma..where r u..asik P je update..hahahha.. skali die bg.. amik ko...hahah..pnye dtail ;p